Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The Bouroullec - brothers: cloud, floating home and stone light are just a few examples of their broad design spectrum. Cappellini, Vitra, Habitat, Kartell, Ligne Roset - everyone wants to work with them. More in the current issue of the "art"-Magazin.


Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

Otmar Hörl

Otmar Hörl decorates temporary places, buildings, rooms and parcs with his sculptures, cast in plastic. Art robust enough for children to play with. So, my little nephew carries the golden rabbit all around the garden, feeds him with imaginary carrots and sings him to sleep.

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Museum Rietberg

The park of the museum Rietberg is one of my favourite places in Zurich. Huge trees spend shadow with a special view on the lake and the "smaragd" besides the villa Wesendonck is an eye-catcher. Last but not least: the cafeteria is a good place to start a cosy sunday.
For those who rather be sportive: join the guys from "fussball im park"!

Montag, 16. Juni 2008

Paper Collage

From time to time, I glue a paper collage. This one is from february.

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo Häberli (1964*), an international designer based in Zurich (Seefeld) who works in the field of industrial design and furniture (e.g. Iittala, Zanotta, Alias) is having an exposition at the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich, 27.6.08 - 21.9.08.

Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Polaroids and Flowers

I admit, I'm addicted to flowers. Since years, I take mini-polaroids (8.5x5.5cm, Fuji instax mini polaroid camera) of particulary cut flowers and pin them on the wall. 
The head is a work by my grandmother.

Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2008

Fairy Tale Music

After a long day of work, the gentle sound of vashti bunyan's lookaftering is just perfect for relaxing and dreaming...

Lots of stitches

Loredana Sperini (Swiss, *1970): part of her work are the embroidered schematic figures on white fabrics like serviettes or cushion covers. At first glance discreet, on the second ambivalent. See also: "Loredana Sperini - Collection Cahiers d'Artistes 2006" (Edizione Periferia, the publishing company of my cousin and her husband).

Montag, 9. Juni 2008

Art Déco Vase

I discovered this art déco glass vase on the flea market, Cours Salaya in Nice. Lilies from my friend B.. And a miniature of the Citroën DS - what an elegant car.

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008


Our newest family-member: my brother's Golden Retriever, Nepomuk, 9 months. We are so proud of him, even when he sometimes behaves like his namesake, the semi-dragon of "Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13" (Michael Ende)...

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

Science of Sleep

Inspired by Michel Gondry's 'Science of Sleep', a film full of details and freaky, romantic scenes, L. and I invested more than one day to sew our own animals. It was just a great weekend.

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008


Let's hope that 'Icarus' the lamp created by Dutch designer Tord Boontje, doesn't melt away like the wings of his eponym Ikarus from the Greek mythology. 
Postcard with Albrecht Dürer's rabbit from the Albertina in Vienna. 

Montag, 2. Juni 2008

Ball Nights 1934-1950

Jakob Tuggener (1904-1988), a Swiss photographer, submerged himself with his Leica in the glamorous and decadent nights of balls in Zurich (Hotel Baur au Lac, Grand Hotel Dolder) and St. Moritz (Palace Hotel, Carlton Hotel) and captured all these elegant pictures of fleeting moments and details. His wish, a picture book without any text, came true only after his death. Scalo-Verlag, Zurich.

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2008

Arts and crafts with E

E is the most creative and arduous handicraft fellow I have. When she was here in springtime, she spent hours in drawing, paper cutting and glueing.